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Where do most Jews live—in and around Fort Wayne?

According to Federation community lists, the highest concentration of Jewish people live in the 46804 area. This corresponds with Aboite Township in Southwest Fort Wayne. Many Jewish children are enrolled in the Southwest Allen County School district. The next largest populations are in the 46807 and 46815 areas respectively.

Where can I get kosher food in Fort Wayne?

While there are no longer any strictly kosher markets here, one can purchase kosher food items and Yahrzeit candles at many local groceries including Scotts / Krogers, Wal-Mart, and Meijer’s. They carry Sinai, Hebrew National and Empire products. Several members of the Jewish community make regular trips to Kosher markets in Detroit and Chicago prior to major Jewish holidays and are usually willing to assist families interested in kosher meat products. Keeping kosher is as easy or as difficult as you want to make it.

 Where can I get a good corned beef sandwich?

Good luck!! You can try Indianapolis, South Bend, Toledo, or Chicago. Keep in mind that Hebrew National is based in Indianapolis…Yum. OR…you might want to try the corned beef sandwich fundraiser the Temple has each year right here in Fort Wayne. Please call Achduth Vesholom for more information on their next fundraiser.  

Where can I get Yahrzeit candles, Judiaca and other ritual objects?

B’nai Jacob has a gift shop where a wide variety of items can be purchased. Please call for the hours of the gift shop.  Also, online.

Where can I purchase Jewish Books?


Does Fort Wayne have a Jewish day camp?

Yes, Fort Wayne has a summer day camp! Camp Joe Levine information can be found here.

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